One Project collaborates with people to build tools, systems and support for the futures ahead.

We build deep relationships with communities who share a vision for a new economy. We work alongside them to co-create social and digital infrastructure, and also offer material support to nurture a growing ecosystem of collective action.

Our Vision

A thriving, sustainable world beyond capitalism, where democratic human systems nurture diverse perspectives, cultures, and ecosystems. All enjoy abundance, none are structurally oppressed.

Our Mission

To nurture a just transition to a regenerative democratic economy.

What problem are we working to address?

The world is experiencing multiple, overlapping crises. We are addressing these crises at the root — our economic and governance systems.

So many of today’s problems — from systemic inequality, to global conflict, to the climate crisis are predictable outcomes from a system that enshrines profit over all else, and uses harm, oppression and destruction to do so. We believe that practical alternatives to capitalism are crucial to our common wellbeing.

How do we approach this work?

By working in deep collaboration with frontline communities and practitioners from across the ecosystem.

Movements for post-capitalist futures go by many names and have carried many lineages. Today, this work might look like work being done in the realms of solidarity economies, mutual aid, cooperatives, commoning, Just Transitions, participatory democracy, and broader global justice movements. In the future, it could take other forms that have yet to emerge.

How do we hold justice and racial equity?

With deep reverence. We are in a period of learning, listening and developing how we can hold our practices in alignment with our beliefs.

One Project’s work is animated by a shared vision of a better world, held by many people, in many places. We understand that reckoning with problems of governance and economics is also reckoning with problems of colonization, race, gender, class, disability, sexuality, and various other facets of being. One Project strives to flow in just harmony with people and planet alike. We are in an active listening and learning posture as we develop our Justice, Equity, Decolonization, and Inclusion (JEDI) values. Our commitments and practices around these are a work in progress, and we look forward to sharing a more thorough overview publicly and soon.

Why is our name “One Project”?

In the words of the Zapatistas, the future we seek is “un mundo donde quepan muchos mundos” — one world where many worlds fit.

The name “One Project” is not about a singular vision, but instead speaks to the shared work of humanity in the collaborative project of building our world together. The vision of the world we seek precedes us, transcends us, and exists in variation and multiplicity — as will our future together.

What we do

One Project operates a set of key, interrelated programs to co-create and transition to alternative economic systems.

What We Do

Meet the Team

One Project’s global team comes from a range of backgrounds, disciplines, practices and worldviews.

Meet the Team

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One Project is committed to bringing together brilliant minds who believe another world is possible. Let’s work together.

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