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One Project is a non-profit initiative working globally with communities to design, implement, and scale new forms of governance and economics that are equitable, ecological, and effective.

"Sushi and Pulpo" by Favianna Rodriguez

This is a moment of accelerating risk and opportunity. The time is now to co-create new social operating systems that leverage and cultivate the wisdom of humanity, fulfill the promise of democracy, and create a fairer, more abundant future.

We are partnering to build:

  1. 21st-century Democracy The models of democracy that run the world are based on 17th century ideas. They rely on win-lose dynamics, depress participation, and fail to cultivate the full wisdom of humanity. We can create more effective forms of self-governance using participatory design processes and publicly-owned technology platforms.
  2. Democratic Economy We can transition from a values-blind economy rooted in colonialism to a values-driven economy that prioritizes life, happiness, and justice over abstract profit, serving everyone instead of the powerful few.
  3. Technology in the Service of Life When driven by profit, technology accelerates existential risks. When technology is governed by the people, designed to serve society, it can be an enormous enabler of well-being. If we don't democratically govern the technology of the future, it will govern us.
  4. A Culture of Collaboration New systems are part of a transition from an obsession with competition to a culture of cooperation that recognizes the inseparability of “me” and “we.” Today’s systems arise from mindsets of extraction, racism, and violence. But there is a growing global movement toward mutual aid, equity, and mindfulness that can inspire and seed the next models of societal transformation.

The Architecture of Abundance

What would a 21-st century democratic society and people-powered economy look like? How would we work, live, and solve problems? And how can we get there? Our latest answers are here.

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Our New Book: The New Possible

After the chaos of 2020, many new worlds have become possible. Twenty-seven global leaders offer their visions of what better future might emerge if we work together to make it so.

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One Project is a values-driven organization undertaking this work with great care and humility. We are committed to integrating a diverse array of voices, perspectives, and decision-makers at every level of our process. We do not seek to impose any particular system on communities. Rather we help communities think deeply about their problems, and then co-create potential solutions.

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