Broken tech is a symptom of a broken society caught in the grips of an outdated, values-blind, plutocratic economy. We can do better.

One Project is a non-profit social venture. We’re building a platform for innovation on society’s core systems where experiments that create ecological, equitable, and effective results will survive and flourish.

"Sushi and Pulpo" by Favianna Rodrgiuez

This is a moment of both accelerating risk and accelerating opportunities. With new ideas for economics, governance, technology, and culture are emerging across the globe, the time is now to co-create new systems that leverage and cultivate the wisdom of humanity, fulfill the promise of democracy, and create a fairer, more abundant future.

We are partnering to build:

  1. Advanced Democracy The 17th-century models of democracy we run on now create win-lose dynamics, depress participation, and fail to leverage or cultivate the full wisdom of humanity. Participatory design processes, aided by user-owned technology platforms, can improve sensemaking, build consilience, and benefit from the wisdom of far more perspectives.
  2. Democratic Economy Today’s global economic system is incompatible with the flourishing of the biosphere and incapable of ending poverty, halting climate change, or overcoming its colonial roots. We now have the ability to transition from a values-blind to a values-driven economy that prioritizes life, happiness, and justice over abstract profit, and that serves all beings instead of a powerful few.
  3. Technology in the Service of Life Leaving technology in the hands of the few will accelerate existential risk. Technology governed by the people, designed to serve society rather than generate profit, can be an enormous enabler of well-being. We must now decide who will govern the inventions that will define our future — including the quality and capacities of our consciousness — before it’s too late.
  4. A Culture of Collaboration New systems require, and in turn reinforce, a transition from an obsession with me-based competition to a culture of cooperation that recognizes the “we” embedded in the “me.” Our current systems were built from legacy mindsets of extraction, racism, and violence. Globally, there is a growing movement toward mutual aid, equity, and mindfulness. This movement provides the inspiration and fuel for the next models of personal transformation and societal level systems.

The Architecture of Abundance

What would a 21-st century democratic society and people-powered economy look like? How would we work, live, and solve problems? And how can we get there? Our latest answers are here.

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Our New Book: The New Possible

After the chaos of 2020, many new worlds have become possible. Twenty-seven global leaders offer their visions of what better future might emerge if we work together to make it so.

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One Project is a values-driven organization undertaking this work with great care and humility. We are committed to integrating a diverse array of voices, perspectives, and decision-makers at every level of our process.

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We are partnering to build:

In 2019, One Project officially got off the ground, though we’ve been formulating our ideas for almost a decade. This talk by our founder, Justin Rosenstein, from 2013 gives a view of our early thinking on the potential for worldwide collaboration toward what matters most.